Why Losing My FitBit/Fitness Tracker Was the Best Thing That Happened +Gentle Movement

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Hey Friends!

I know it’s been a long while, way too long. Well that’s because this girl here was busy studying for the RD exam and moving to NYC. So here it is: I moved to NYC in June for a new job in a rehab center as a dietitian and I passed my RD exam in August. Lots of exciting stuff happening!!!

Someone recently contacted me asking me about my nutrition services. She told me that she is having a hard time getting to the gym. And I thought, “been there, done that.” I HATE going to the gym and using exercise machines. I just find it so boring. Every time I go I vow I will never go again. BUT, I have found other great exercise activities which I love. In fact, I look forward to my exercise classes.

Let me tell you why I love exercise; the group camaraderie, the endorphins, the stretches, the challenge, the occasional soreness, the physical and emotional health benefits…

Did I mention calories or weight anywhere? Nope! And that’s because I rarely think about my weight or calories I burn when I exercise. Something that really helped make the switch was losing my fitness tracker.

Yup, I lost it. (I promise I’m super responsible in real life! ;))

One fateful Friday afternoon, I lost my Fitbit in a grocery store parking lot. And life has never been better. (Ok, I’m being dramatic, but still!)

I no longer think about calories burned in the workout class, how much time is left, what my heart rate is… because these little bits of information are not very important (unless you were part of a research study or the like). And I try to be present and not think about the time and the looong list of activities I need to do after class.  And if I’m tired, I skip my workout or take it easy during class. People have different goals for exercise. Mine include to increase my strength, energy levels and to feel good.

So it doesn’t matter if I’m at a barre, yoga, cardio, spin or other class. I try to have fun and be in the moment. I take it easy when I want or need. And I eat something after exercise without considering calories.

So no longer do I think about calories burned during class or “extra calories I can eat” based on my workout. I eat nutritious foods most of the time, foods I love and enjoy, which make me feel good. And this is why losing my exercise tracker has been such a gift.

I encourage you to find exercise you enjoy! In the picture above, I was biking with my brother and sister along the Chicago lakefront, so fun!

No need to engage in grueling cardio if you hate it. Skip yoga if you don’t like it. Find what you enjoy. And share your exercise goals below. I’d love to hear from you!

Happy moving!




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